High Quality Materials

At Portadown Stained Glass, we are renowned for ‘Quality Materials – Quality Design’. We don’t shy away from using the top of the range materials within the glass industry in order to produce something that will last you a lifetime. We only ever work with high quality materials (the best in fact) imported in from around the globe. As a result we are able to provide a vast array of styles to suit all kinds of tastes/decor. From traditional hand rolled glass, renowned for its colour and texture, to modern patterned and treated safety glass, our palette is still unmatched by anyone else. You can pop in to view some of our in house samples.

High Quality Materials

Silver Stain and Enamel Painting

We use a combination of special surface treatments and high quality paints in order to harness some of the utmost decorative glass work we create. Fused into the glass at extremely high temperatures, these paints not only create a rich and highly detailed finish which will never fade or peel, but also allow repairs and restoration work to blend in with original painted panels.

Single or Double Glazed

All our work can be integrated into double glazed units in to accommodate modern housing construction standards. We can provide that extra layer of protection to the finished piece which will in turn be easy to clean.

For the more traditional finish of single glazed panels, we adopt our "Tie and Bar" method of securing the panel into the frame. Using steel or brass bars fitted into the frame we connect copper wire built into the panels to construct a highly secure product.

Traditional Practice and Durability

We implement laboured, traditional techniques that have served us time and time again. Our stained glass carries the stamp of authenticity and they withstand the test of time, lasting not just years but decades.

So for further enquiries and details of our fantastic products, please call us today.

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